Does Exercise Increase Testosterone? Sure it Does!

Does exercise increase testosterone?

Yeah, exercise is one of the most natural ways to increase testosterone production in your body.

However, it is weight lifting exercises that give your body a testosterone boost. Cardio or a stroll in the park is not good enough. If you are thinking of enhancing testosterone production in your body then you will have to sweat it out in the gym.

Compound exercises that work on a group of muscles ensure the maximum testosterone boost in your body.

Squats are a great example. This is why most bodybuilders prefer working out on chest after a legs workout or the next day. This is because a leg workout can spike testosterone levels in your body and this can make you pump your chest better the next day.

Other exercises that can also increase testosterone in your body include bench press, military press, deadlifts, chin ups etc.,


It is extremely important to limit your workout to 45-60 minutes a session. More than that, it can lead to a high level of Cortisol in your body that can lower your testosterone production.



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