Male Libido and Age

Male Libido and Age

Age affects in ways more than one. Not just your energy levels and looks are affected with age but also your libido.

There is a deep interconnection between your libido and age. With age libido declines and but there are certain ways that can help you enhance your libido naturally.

Decline in libido, as I have stated many times in this blog, results from a mix physical and emotional factors. If you can gauge these causes properly, there is nothing to keep you from a strong and healthy libido even as you age and get into 50’s or even 60’s.

There is not doubt that your testosterone level decreases with age and so does the levels of nitric oxide you produce. Lower levels of these two are often associated with  the resulting erectile dysfunction which in itself is highly depressing for all men going through Andropause.

As such the need is to enhance testosterone and the release of nitric oxide. Testosterone is extremely important not just for your sexual health but also helps maintain other vital body functions.

A good balanced diet that is moderate in proteins and essential fats and limited in carbohydrates is good for testosterone production. On the other hand, regular exercises also plays a significant role in helping boost testosterone levels.

First off – these are passion killers:

Alcohol, Smoking and recreational drugs – if you want to increase your sex drive you must cut down or give up. Years of abuse through smoking and alcohol is likely to take a toll on your libido. It is best to quit smoking and drinking alcohol not just to enhance testosterone production but also to ensure better blood flow to the penis which is so very important for achieving rock hard erections.

Another natural method to ensure better sex drive and harder erections is to have l-arginine in your diet. L-arginine is an amino acid that helps release of nitric oxide that helps the penis muscles to allow more blood into the erectile tissue so that you can achieve harder and firmer erections. Sine the production of nitric oxide declines with age, it is best to have some l-arginine supplements that can boost the release of nitric oxide.

There are a couple of herbs that can boost blood circulation and enhance testosterone levels natural which include ginseng, ginkgo biloba, tribulus terrestris etc.,

Though it is not easy for you to have these herbs individually, you can have a supplement that is formulated with the finest extracts of such herbs to give a boost to your sexual desires and function.

Provacyl is a 100% natural supplement that is specially designed to help men boost their libido, testosterone and HGH. It is unlike any other male enhancement supplement.

It not only helps boost blood flow to the penis and increase testosterone production in your body but also helps stimulate growth hormone production. It can help you regain your sex drive and rock solid erections. It can also help you get a leaner and muscular body. Moreover, it also helps elevate mood and improves sleep quality.

It is a complete body makeover for men. It is a non prescription formula that is made with safe and clinically proven ingredients that include amino acids and herbal extracts. It does not have any side effects and comes with a complete money back guarantee for 180 days.

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