Thick Semen – How to Make Your Semen Thick

Thick semen is associated with better fertility and a higher sperm count. not just this, thin or watery semen is often considered to be a sign of weakness.

Though it is an entirely different matter whether these statements are true or not, what is important is that having the right consistency and amount of semen can turn your partner on and give you intense and mind-blowing orgasms resulting in a satisfying and highly pleasurable sexual experience for both yourself and your woman.

Having thick semen is a turn-on factor compared to thin, watery semen. How can you achieve this?

How to Make Your Semen Thick

Proper diet, exercise, a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep are some of the factors that can play an important role in the production of semen.

However, what men should also be aware of are secrets on how to increase the amount of semen they ejaculate and ways that ensure the quality of their semen.

The secret formula to having thick semen comes in the form of sex enhancement pills which are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies with the aim to increase the male ejaculate, prolong orgasm, increase fertility and make semen look thicker, whiter and healthier.

If you are wondering if these claims are possible, then it is about time that you learn about Performer5.

It is a breakthrough product that increases semen volume and help men achieve mind-blowing orgasms which are longer and more intense.

Performer5, unlike other semen supplements, it a dual ejaculation system that consists of Vit5 and Performer5. Vit5 comes loaded with all the vitamins and minerals needed by your body to produce healthier, thicker and larger load of cum. Performer5 is a mix of clinically proven ingredients that not only boost your semen volume but also ensure forceful ejaculations.

You can easily produce up to 5 times more semen with these pills that are clinically approved. Not just this, these pills can also increase the force with which you shoot semen so that you can enjoy more powerful and intense ejaculations that can heighten pleasure to a new level.

You can enjoy every sexual encounter with an increase in semen volume, better self esteem and an increase in sexual energy and desire. Women love men who enjoy having sex and those who are capable of becoming multi-orgasmic. The amount of ejaculate matters in every sexual act. It can be the subject of every woman’s sexual fantasy. And Performer5 can make you enjoy intense love making that your woman will also love.

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