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Natural Libido Enhancers- Ginseng


The discovery of Ginseng is credited to the Chinese. Its discovery was made in China almost 2000 years ago. There are two main types of ginseng:

  1. Panax Ginseng and
  2. Panax Quinquefolius

It is the Asian or Panax Ginseng that is known for its heating properties and helps in enhancing the blood circulation. In much of Asia, it is regarded as a revitalizer for the whole body partly because if the shape of its root which resembles the human body.

This herb is known to improve and boost sexual potency in men. Panax Ginseng not only helps increase energy and acts as a tonic for the entire body but also enhances sexual energy.

This  is proven through clinical studies as well. In a study, Korean Ginseng taken for 8 weeks was found to improve erectile ability in 60 percent of men who took it.

In particular, Korean ginseng seemed to increase the likelihood of successful penetration and the maintenance of an erection compared to placebo (inactive medication). Those wanting to give Korean ginseng a go should take 900 mg of the herb, two or three times a day, for three months.

Other Benefits:

Apart from increasing your libido and helping men overcome erectile dysfunction Ginseng has some other great benefits as well.

Mental and Physical Performance

Ginseng is known as an adaptogen, which means it increases resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress and builds energy and general vitality.

Immune Function

A study examined 323 people who had had at least two colds in the prior year. Participants were instructed to take two capsules per day of either the North American ginseng extract or a placebo for a period of four months.

  • The mean number of colds per person was lower in the ginseng group than in the placebo group. The proportion of subjects with two or more colds during the four-month period was significantly lower in the ginseng group than in the placebo group, as were the total symptom score and the total number of days cold symptoms were reported for all colds.
  • Diabetes

    In one study, Panax ginseng in dosages of 100 or 200 milligrams were given to 36 people with newly-diagnosed non-insulin dependent diabetes. After eight weeks, there were improvements in fasting blood glucose levels, mood, and psychophysical performance. The 200 milligram dose also resulted in improved hemoglobin A1C levels (a test that measures how well blood sugar has been controlled during the previous three months).

  • The Most Complete Men’s Supplement: PROVACYL

    Provacyl is the most complete supplement for men and one of the most essential ingredients of this formulation is the Panax Ginseng. Apart form ginseng what Provacyl comprises of include Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Acai fruit, Chaste Berry, Tribulus Terrestris etc., Ity also contains a lot of amino acids and other natural ingredients such as l-arginine, l-glutamine, l-tyrosine, gaba, hypothalamus, anterior pituitary etc.,

    It is not just a great testosterone booster for men but also helps stimulate the production of HGH in your body.

    This is where it has an edge over other supplements. Stimulating growth hormone results in increasing the production of HGH which helps in reversing and combating age effects.

    Provacyl not only helps you get over erectile dysfunction and improve your sex drive but also help you gain lean muscle mass, reduce fat, stop hair loss, rejuvenate energy and youthfulness , improve sleep and moods. It is made with safe and clinically proven ingredients and does not have any side effects.

    Not just this, it is a also backed with a complete money back guarantee too. However, it is a dietary supplements and takes time to produce effects. It is recommended that you have it for at least 3-6 months to experience the best results.

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    L-Arginine, Ginseng & Ginkgo to Boost Your Libido and Testosterone


    L-Arginine, Ginseng and Ginkgo- Boost Your Male Libido or Sex Drive and Testosterone

    One of the major sexual problems men confront with age is the decline in sex drive which often triggers  erectile dysfunction. Moreover, most men prefer treating erectile dysfunction or impotence with herbal or natural pills rather than resorting to synthetic drugs and prescribed medication. Another great advantage of natural remedies is that unlike synthetic preparations like Viagra they can improve sex drive also and more importantly they do not have any side effects.

    If you want to enjoy increased sex drive there are supplements which are proven to enhance libido and make you feel better all at the same time. Here are some of the best.

    L- Arginine

    I am sure you must be knowing that it is often referred to as the Nature’s Viagra since it can do wonders for your erections and sexual potency. There is no doubt that it is the most effective natural supplement for increasing male libido mainly because of it’s role in the release of nitric oxide. The production of L-Arginine decreases with age and many experts believe this is responsible for many degenerative processes that are related to us simply getting older.

    L-arginine stimulates the release of nitric oxide from the walls of blood vessels, helping them expand promoting healthy circulation and allowing sufficient blood to flow in and create an erection. The fact is if you don’t have enough nitric oxide realized you won’t get an erection.

    Ginkgo Biloba & Ginseng

    These two herbs not only help in increasing energy but also helps in decreasing stress which is a prominent passion killer. Moreover, they help in increasing blood circulation and the release of nitric oxide.

    These two famous herbs are great in terms of increasing energy and decreasing stress (two known passion killers) as well as helping with healthy blood circulation and nitric oxide realize.

    Ginkgo Bilboa has been used for thousands of years in China as general body and energy tonics, to increase sex drive.

    Medical testing has shown that just like Viagra, ginkgo enhances the effects of nitric oxide, which helps relax artery walls, allowing more blood flow into the penis. Like Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng also is believed to improve circulation and increase nitric oxide levels. It is also believed to have an effect on the dopamine system that sends triggers from the brain to help create an erection.

    There are many other natural sex aids such as Macca horny goat weed and many others but so far tests on the majority of them have shown no signs that they help increase libido or natural sex drive.

    The above three supplements combined will help you enjoy natural sex as they will help with the production of nitric oxide which is critical in keeping blood flowing to the penis.

    You can also eat foods that will also help in this area give you plenty of energy and all the vitamins and minerals you need and there are 3 food groups to think of

    1. Green Foods

    Nitrogen-rich vegetables aid blood vessels in the production of nitric oxide and general blood flow.

    2. Energy Foods

    Meats, fish and nuts contain L-arginine and provide an additional source outside of supplementation. They also provide plenty of selenium and zinc which are critical for peak sexual performance. They have a profound effect on increasing your testosterone production which is the hormone behind your sexual performance.

    3. Bright Foods

    Bright colored foods such as peppers and many fruits contain plenty of antioxidants that will help combat the free radicals that can damage and clog arteries restricting blood flow, these foods keep your arteries clear and flowing and give you an abundance of natural goodness.

    If you take the above foods and three herbs listed you will have, more nitric oxide, better circulation, more energy and feel more invigorated. They are great natural libido enhancers which not only do your sex drive good, they will do your overall health a power of good too.

    You can have the above herbs in the form of a pill like Provacyl that is highly potent blend of the finest extract of the above herbs and many more to boost your testosterone and stimulate growth hormone naturally without any side effects. It can help you get rock hard erections, gain lean muscle mass, reduce unwanted body fat, stop hair loss, increase mental alertness and rejuvenate energy and youthfulness. It acts as an HGH releaser, helping your body to produce it’s own growth hormone and reverse age effects considerably.

    Provacyl is a unique combination of amino acids and herbal ingredients such as L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, L-lysine, GABA, ginkgo biloba, muira pauma, panax ginseng, tribulus terrestris, tongat ali etc., and can ensure a complete body makeover for men. It can improve your sexual performance as well as overall health and wellbeing.

    It has helped thousands of men get over such problems over the past 5 years.

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